CNC Co2 Laser Cutting & Engraving

Marking and etching on stainless steel, brass aluminium and various plastics.

Laser cutting of templates and components in acrylic, mdf, wood leather & more. Laser cutting of isolation washers and pads in Nylon. Laser Etching of Anodised Aluminium.

Laser marking on Stainless Steel outlet plates using Co2 laser and Cermarc for clear and durable marking.

Laser cut oak veneers for custom stair panels.

Laser etching on anodised or painted metals

Laser marking on Stainless Steel using Co2 laser and Cermarc.

Laser engraved Trolase and laser cut Oak veneered MDF 

2019-10-16 17.45.27-1.jpg

Laser engraving on Cherry veneered MDF - Laser cut book boxes

Laser engraved solid Walnut

Laser engraving on Trolase - Stainless Foil on a black flexible plastic core

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