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I work on a wide range of projects both solo works & collaborations. These varied works are bound by the common thread of creativity & exploration. Using both tried & tested traditional skills combined with the very latest in cad/ cam software I endeavor to find the best  results for every venture. I will be happy to discuss any project you may have in mind if you would like to get in touch.

I'm currently developing a series of workshops for people interested in making furniture, lighting, art and prototyping in 2022/23 along with a range of kids furniture.

Services include:

2D AutoCad 

Manufacture Detail Drawings

Production & Layout Drawings  

3D Modeling available on request.

Plate Steel Light 02.jpg


As well as designing & fabricating my own work I regularly collaborate with other artists & designers in the detail design and making of their concepts. I work in most media including: solid wood, metal, glass, plastics & composites.​ Working on finished pieces & developing prototypes, I use traditional wood working & metal work methods with plenty of elbow grease! coupled with  the finesse of cad/ cam machinery when required.

Services include: In-house CNC Router and CNC Laser capabilities for prototyping and small batch production.

CNC Laser Marking and Etching on Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Acrylic & Wood

CNC & Laser Cutting of Acrylic/ Mdf Templates and components.

Nylon Isolation washers etc.

Pebble Wedding Ring Box


Fergus Martin - Artist
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