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Steel Stairs - Sept 2018 - 09b.jpg
Steel Stairs - Sept 2018 - 01b.jpg
Steel Stairs - Sept 2018 - 02b.jpg
Steel Stairs - Sept 2018 - 05b.jpg
This piece was a collaboration with myself and Billy Moore of Billy Moore Metal Works in Ballysaggart, Lismore, over the course of 3 months from the end of June to September 2018
Steel Stairs - Sept 2018 - 012b.jpg
The Brief ...
We designed, fabricated and installed this custom stairs in September 2018.
The brief was for a custom stairs to create a feature in the house which is visible from almost every room.
Inspired by techniques from past projects, stained glass detailing and the simplicity of hot rolled mild steel and Oak, this was the result ...
Picture shows the finished stairs with myself and Billy Moore
2018-07-27 17.49.18.jpg
Angled fretwork side panels during fabrication
Seel was Laser cut by CNC Laser Dublin
2018-08-03 15.17.09.jpg
Billy welding the tread support plates while I work on the fretwork panels
2018-07-27 19.02.15.jpg
Fabricating the upper infill panel which is the transition from the angled to straight panels
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